Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where Chelsea and Santa Monica Intersect

Whatever. This place is amazing. Finally made it out the other day to take some pictures - now that I've been here over a year.

I’m in awe of the ocean every day. Makes me feel small somehow. On the edge of the world, an entire continent at my back. “And then the water reached the west coast, and took the power lines....”

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Harmony said...

Love the pictures Chelsea - I miss the ocean . . .haven't seen it in over a year now . . .the last time I was able to enjoy the beauty of the coast was last year in Santa Monica when I came to visit. You are right - the ocean does make you feel small - but even in the smallness, I feel significant because I know that the ocean is one more thing God created for me! How incredible it is to recognize God's love in all His beautiful creations . . . Thanks again for sharing the view!