Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh My Word

Words are truly among the best things in life. I love that there is such an assortment available to anyone who speaks to duly express thoughts and feelings. It’s like standing before a vast verbal smorgasbord every time you open your mouth or take up a pen. Even better, the sheer number of existing words provides endless opportunity for exciting discoveries. There are so many obscure and unappreciated diamonds in the rough – literal gems which would surely serve to enhance our ability to communicate if only we were acquainted with them.

Sadly, I find myself getting too comfortable with a modest collection of words, continually choosing the same common language rather than actively broadening my linguistic horizons and increasing my options. Like repeatedly selecting twinkies over crème brulee because they’re cheaper and more familiar.

But few things give me more enjoyment than learning a new word. So, I was thrilled when a friend recently introduced me to this website: Aside from being an ideal time waster at work, it's great for getting your mind moving and a fantastic way to learn new words – like my new favorite: logorrhea. Means excessive and often incoherent talkativeness. How great is that?! And, as if vocabulary expansion isn’t satisfying enough…for each definition you identify correctly, hungry people get free rice. Ending world hunger and dull speech all at the same time – brilliant.


Jules said...

Fabulous word. Sam said he's gone to that website before, too. Hope you had fun holiday celebrations. Did you go home?

English said...

Have you broken 40?