Thursday, December 18, 2008

This Episode: Brought to You By the Letter "J"

Sometime ago I noticed a pattern in my life. 90% of the guys I've ever had crushes on or who have had crushes on me have names that start with the letter "j". It's weird. My very first crush that I can even remember was on a boy named Joel when I was in first grade. He had blond hair and could run uncommonly fast for a kid his age. He was dreamy...or at least as dreamy as a first grader can be.

And so it began. Since Joel, I've had a string of "j"-names to keep me preoccupied. I've been through a Jeremy, a Jared, a Jason, a John, at least three Jeffs (one of whom was actually a Geoff...but the "j" sound was still there...). There have been two Jordans, a Jim and a Jimmy. A Josh (a guy I knew in college who now, 10 years later, is dating a friend of mine...), a Joshua (who I actually professed my love to, and then wished I hadn't), and a José (where the "j" sound was lost but the letter remained).

Now, don't think I haven't given any of the other letters a chance. The more serious boyfriends in my past have not had names that start with "j". In fact, while there have been many "j"-names in my life, I've never legitimately dated any of them. It seems that the "j"s like to come around to keep things interesting. But boyfriend material for me, at least so far, has been found in other realms of the alphabet.

Nevertheless, I keep collecting "j"s. And who can blame me when they're so collectible?


Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

Well I am sorely flattered to make the List of "J". Would I happen to be both Jordan’s? I appreciate your collection of J’s; there certainly is something special about them.
I can t speak for the other J's but I too have been accused as of late to having a collection of: Beautiful
Brown hair
girls I have dated. Looks like I too am a collector of Habit.



Miriam Oh said...

less is more. start looking for boys with names that start with Q. the odds are more in your favor.

Jules said...

I think there is something to be said about your good girlfriends with names that begin with Js. They are AWESOME.

Courtney said...

Sheesh!! It is hard enough to find a boy nowadays to even have a crush on. I say, who cares about the alphabet? Yay for all crushes!

P.S. Have fun in Tahoe! I'll miss you guys.