Monday, October 10, 2011

Manly: Up Darley Road

Every time I leave our apartment without a camera I regret it. There is so much to capture--so many endearing things about Manly, so many details I've grown to love. I love the sidewalk cafes and little boutiques. I love the architectural stylings of all the old buildings. I love the traditional Aussie houses with their red tile roofs and swoopy waves on the peaks. I love the chimneys. I love the doors. I love the fences. I love the gates. I love the tiled front porches and the ornate overhangs. And I think I'll never forget what life looks like here. 

But then I remember. Time moves quickly and images fade and your memory is all too soon only able to offer up very vague renderings of what life was before it became what it is.

So. New goal. Take the camera with me everywhere I go more often. Even if I'm just walking up Darley Road to visit a friend in the hospital. Which, incidentally, is where these shots came from. 


Sarah Johnson said...

Lovely pics, Chels!

Sarah said...

Hi Chelsea, this is Sarah (Foote). I just looked through your blog, and now all I want to do is runaway with my husband to Australia! It looks like such an amazing adventure and so romantic - like a movie. I hope it feels that way too. I would love to catch up. How long are you going to be there? Where are you headed when you come back? It would be so fun to get together someday. Maybe one day we'll both visit TX or in AZ - I wish Australia. Hope you are doing well Love , Sarah