Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Highlights: Singapore

Okay, so I probably shouldn't go backwards, but I finally downloaded some pictures, and thought it wouldn't hurt to review some of the stuff that happened in 2010 before I get on with a new year...and a new country...and a new life....

So, here goes. Starting with the most recent haps.

I joined Spencer on his work trip to Singapore at the end of October and we stayed for Halloween weekend. We could see the newest, most outlandish hotel in the city from our hotel room.

A ship perched atop three huge towers. A little weird, yes. But far be it for us to not do the touristy thing and go check out the view from the top.

We walked and walked and walked and tried to hit every pocket and park we could.

We saw a boat race on the river. (I'm sure this is actually called something other than a "boat race" but I don't know what that is. Anyone? Anyone?) The team member sitting at the front of the boat beats on a drum to help his/her team members keep pace with each other while simultaneously pushing them to increase their speed to pass their competitors.

We saw great British colonial architecture.

I tried my hand at learning to use Spencer's fancy camera and became acutely aware of random things like fire hydrants.

We ate amazing seafood, including S's favoritecrab at Jumbo Seafood. (Don't look now, but I think his Jumbo bib is on backwards....)

We hung out with the merlion. ("What's a merlion?" you ask. "It's a legendary sea creature with the head of a lion," I answer. Duh.)

We went to church.

Then we took a little detour through Little India on our way back to the hotel and visited another place of worship...

...and saw all the hoopla for the Diwali/Devali/Deepavali (whatever your preference) festival.

Our best discovery of the trip: you can get ROOT BEER in Singapore. And you don’t even have to go to an import store to do it. You can get it at regular places, like 7-11.

Of course, for root beer to truly fill the measure of its creation, vanilla ice cream must be involved. A can of A&W, a little McDonald’s soft-serve, and voilĂ .

All is right in the world when a root beer float is present, is it not?

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