Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Highlights: Wedding/Honeymoon

And...the wedding.
The amazingly talented Rachel Thurston took our wedding photos. (She also took our engagement photos way back during my blogging hiatus.)

The wedding was so much fun. A whole crew of my closest girl friends came from all over the country, and I wished there was more time in the day so I could just play with everyone who was there. Some of my favorites in the whole world.

Spencer and I frequently say we would just re-live the day over and over again if we could. It was such a good time with friends and family, and just went so fast. Everyone said the day would be a blur. Everyone was right.

We haven't received our disc of pics yet, so I can only share the ones Rachel posted on her blog at this point. When we get the other images I may post some, 'cause there are lots to love. But of the shots she got with just the two of us, this one’s probably my favorite.
It's so smoldery. Or something….

We honeymooned in Fiji. Spencer surprised me. In a word, it was dreamy.

See? Dreamy, right?

We took a little tiny plane from the airport in Nadi to the other side of the island.

Kinda scary to climb into a plane with the same guy who had just given us our boarding pass now sitting in the cockpit. But we took the risk and got some great views of the island.

And I amused myself by taking pictures of the mixed messages aboard the plane.

It says "No Smoking" here.

But wait...this is a clearly marked "astray."

I’m confused. Maybe I'll just ask the ladies in front of us to check with our pilot. Spencer also wanted me to see if they could ask when our beverage service would be.

After our quick plane trip, it was a 45-minute boat ride to the island where the resort is locatedthe resort is the only thing on the island. Hard not to relax and enjoy it when you're this remote.

Here’s our little villa. Number 9.

From our villa, we had access to a little private beach where Spencer spent some time contemplating the events of the past couple of weeks.

I call this one "What Have I Done?"

And this one…"It’s Not Unusual." (Any guesses why? Here's a hint.)

We lounged. We snorkeled. Sometimes we did both at the same time. Here we are. Doing both at the same time.

We visited a Fijian school in a village on a neighboring island.

We ate amazing food. Lots of it.

We swam. We read. We got treated to a couple's massage. We mostly just relaxed and enjoyed a week of being in the same place with no wedding to plan. Not a bad start to our life together. Really, it can only be downhill from here, right?


Sonia said...

I'm so jealous....FIJI!!! Looks amazing!

Courtney said...

Haha....Astray. Sooooo jealous, by the way. :)