Monday, March 21, 2011

Corned Beef Love

This past Friday marked our six-month anniversary.  "How is that possible?!" you ask.  I have no explanation. I told the Hubs that in some ways it feels way shorter, and in other ways it feels way longer. Like we got married yesterday and also we've been married forever. New and old. Inhabiting the same space in time. Like something out of the Twilight Zone.

And, as everyone knows, nothing says love like corned beef.  Am I right or am I right?  With our six-month anniversary falling the day after St. Patty's seemed the only appropriate way to celebrate was probably with a big slab of corned beef (minus the cabbage).  So I went into the city and met the Hubs after work for dinner at Bistrode CBDHe's been raving about the corned beef here since he first partook of its deliciousness some time ago. The Hubs is not one to exaggerate, but having never experienced truly phenomenal corned beef, I must admit, I was not duly prepared. After devouring, I decided maybe I never wanted to eat anything else. Ever again. Maybe it's just my teeny-tiny sliver of Irish blood talking, but that CBD chef knows something about corning beef.

And to think it didn't even make our waiter's top recommendations. Probably because he was French.  And really, what does a Frenchman know about traditional Irish fare?  As for me and my fair Irish ancestors (and my Hubs of English descent), we know that corned beef love is indeed the truest of all loves.  (Believe me.  It is.)

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Whitney said...

Hmmm, corned beef, huh? So I think I've never tried it. Partly because it's red, and partly because I think it's like pastrami. Apparently I'm missing out.