Sunday, March 6, 2011

Longest Ladies in All the Land

The Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary 2 were in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.  I hopped the ferry into the city just to give them a gawk.  Can you blame me?  These are two ladies you ought to get a good look at if ever you have the chance. Definitely not your average cruise ships.

It was Mary's first time to Sydney.  She had parked herself over in Woolloomooloo Bay, making it hard for anyone to get a good look. (Such an elitist!) But Queen Elizabeth was hanging out right there for all to see, so my fellow ferriers and I got our fill of pics as we pulled up alongside her.  Felt like she went on for miles.

I honestly could not get over how massive she is. So much bigger than I'd imagined. Astonishingly, staggeringly, larger-than-life big.

It was almost as if someone had gone and plucked one of the skyscrapers out of the Sydney skyline and just laid it there on the water.  With the city as her backdrop, she seemed to blend right in, although, it was certainly a tight fit in the cove that day. 
Here's the skinny on her royal highness.

Queen Elizabeth:
Length: 964.5 feet 
Width: 106 feet 
Guest capacity: 2,068.  

She is second only to her sister, who is the largest cruise ship in the world.

Queen Mary 2:
Length: 1,132 feet 
Width: 131 feet wide
Guest capacity: 2,620.


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