Monday, January 23, 2012

Noodles of the Night

Every year, as part of the Sydney Food Festival (which, incidentally, was way back in October...that's how behind I am), they hold Night Noodle Markets for a week in Hyde Park. When we heard that this would be part of the month-long culinary celebration, we knew we must check it out and get our fill of dim sum and noodley deliciousness. Asian street food is definitely on our list of things we love to eat. (But then...that's a long list.)

When we could not eat even one more noodle, we walked around the city for a bit to take in the scenery.

St. James Station

The Sydney Tower

The Queen Victoria Building 
Built in 1898 to replace the Sydney markets on the same site, the QVB was later used for offices for the Sydney County Council. At one point it was in danger of being torn down, but was instead restored and returned to its original purpose as a shopping center--currently housing a very posh mall. It is one of our favorite buildings in the city. We love to walk around inside to admire the interior, although I can't say we make many (or any...) purchases. 

Sydney Town Hall

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