Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Market Day

I read a blog recently where the author mused about how there's always a market going on somewhere and how happy the thought of that made her. I must agree. I love a good market. 

Our friends Dale and Aki told us about the Sydney Markets sometime shortly after I moved here and it's been on our list to make at least one trip while we live here. Dale and Aki have five kids, so they go pretty frequently to stock up on fruit. Early one wet Saturday morning, Dale was making just such a routine visit and invited us along. Since it's just me and Spencer and we have pretty limited fridge space, we had to keep ourselves to one or two of this or that compared to Dale's case or two of this or that. But our fridge was stuffed full of  some beautiful produce for a couple of weeks. We only wished we could have accommodated more.

I've never eaten so many mangoes in my whole life as I have in the year I've lived here. They are around all summer, they are cheap and they are so good.

The Aussies love their beetroot.

A quick lesson from the expert on picking the perfect mango.

My favorite sign of all. "Spinch," anyone?

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Sonia @ My Sweet Monkey said...

I love buying my fruits and veggies at the market. By the way.. that Spinch looks delish!