Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Newtown + the Stephens

So, we told our friends, Dale and Aki Stephens, about our search for really good Indian food, that ended in really good Thai food and Dale’s eyes lit up like a little kid’s on Christmas.  Said he, “There’s this place. In Newtown. BEST Tandoori Chicken.”  Said we, “Let’s do it.”

That weekend he and Aki picked us up for the adventure. We drove over the river Harbor Bridge and through the woods the city to Newtown, which is a happening little part of town right by the university. Everyone’s all edgy and alternative and hip there.

Dale told us the restaurant was kind of a hole in the wall. We told him we weren’t scared, as holes in the wall often have the best fare. When we arrived, a quick glance around informed us that every Indian cabby in the city had beat us there, so we knew it was gonna be good. 

And it was. Tandoori chicken like no other.  Seriously.  

And to finish off the night, we sang loudly with the windows down on the drive home.  Proclaimers. Crash Test Dummies.  Good times.

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