Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stuff We See Sometimes

The Hornby Lighthouse at South Head.  
(I always get that "Candle on the Water" song in my head when I look at it. 
You know.  The one from Pete's Dragon...?  Anyone?)

Fountain in Hyde Park with St. Mary's Cathedral behind. 
One of our favorite spots in the city.

View from one of my newfound stair runs. Not bad....

5-0 in the house Harbor.  
Saw this boat get "pulled over" the other day. Not sure what they did wrong, 
but they did not get away with it.

Birdy friends.  Rainbow Lorikeets and Cockatoos are regular visitors to our balcony ledge.  
Especially when I'm providing the grapes.

An unexpected glimpse of the bridge from inside the city.

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Jill said...

I want to run those stairs with you!