Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thai is to Indian

We’ve been hankering for some good Indian food.  The Hubs has been telling me about this place in Potts Point that he went to way back when having me as his wife was only a hope and dream in his little heart.  Potts Point equals not easy to get to. But it also equals a chic little part of the city I haven’t seen before. Aaaand…if it also equals really good Indian food, count me in. And so. To Potts Point!

Ferry across the harbor, pleasant walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens, lovely meander past Elizabeth Bay, and a quick detour through just a corner of Kings Cross. And we found ourselves at the Opium Den in Potts Point...which, you should know, does not serve Indian food, but rather Thai food. Which was very good for Thai food. But not very good for Indian food. In case you were wondering.

The Hubs couldn’t quite figure how all this time he’d thought it was Indian he’d eaten in Potts Point when it was clearly Thai.  He was on a date with some girl, who he had very little interest in, of course, because he had already met me, of course, and meeting me was the end of his interest in any other girl on the planet. Of course. So, perhaps he was so distracted by the fact that the girl was not me and preoccupied by having to make conversation with someone he wished was me….  And that could make anyone forget whether the food was of the Thai or Indian persuasion, I suppose.

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