Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rear Window

This is what we see outside our windows on the back side of our apartment.  How "Rear Window" is that? Some days I half expect to see Raymond Burr tying up a trunk in one of the apartments across the way or burying something in the flower bed.

We're like Jimmy and Grace--getting glimpses of our neighbors' worlds just by looking outside of our own. Like the lady who does her cleaning in a t-shirt and her underwear (which, incidentally, we choose not to look at very long...). Or the woman who cuts her tiny patch of grass with one of those old-timey lawn mowers that gives a high-pitched squeak with every push.  Or the guys across the way who appear to have nothing in their apartment except for a couple of chairs and some surf boards.  

Strange to think that we live right next to people we never interact with. People we never know. And yet, we are connected. The human experience connects us. Or is it the fact that there is more to the human experience than...the human experience?

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